Featured Equipment


RED Gemini

The GEMINI 5K S35 sensor provides exceptional low-light performance, allowing for cleaner imagery with less noise and better shadow detail. Operators can easily switch between modes through the camera's on-screen menu with no down time and experience an increased field of view at 2K and 4K resolutions compared to the higher resolution HELIUM sensor. In addition, the sensor's 30.72 mm x 18 mm dimensions allow for greater anamorphic lens coverage than with the HELIUM or RED DRAGON sensor. Built on the compact DSMC2 form factor, the RED EPIC-W 5K camera and sensor combination captures 5K full format motion at up to 96 fps, boasts incredibly fast data speeds of up to 275 MB/s, and provides in-camera support of RED's enhanced image processing pipeline, IPP2.

DJI Ronin 2

The DJI Ronin 2 marks a generational leap in camera stabilization technology. Its custom sensors, powerful motors and advanced algorithms put world-class precision in your hands. Capable of handling large and heavy camera builds, the Ronin 2 is a gimbal that doesn’t require compromise.



Contax Zeiss Superspeeds

This rare set of vintage lenses has been fully cine-modded, with de-clicked irises, long focus throws, and integrated focus gears, producing a beautifully filmic look that is difficult to achieve with other EF-mount lenses. Kit includes:

21mm t/2.8
35mm t/1.4
50mm t/1.4
85mm t/1.4
135mm t/2.8

FULL EQUIPMENT List available upon request