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This 4.5K-capable cinema camera boasts the full capabilities of the RED DRAGON sensor family in a smaller form factor that is perfect for gimbals or handheld use, giving the ultimate blend of flexibility and performance. Whether shooting for documentaries, online content creation, indie filmmaking, or with drones and gimbals—RED RAVEN’s durable, lightweight construction is ideal for any situation.

DJI RoniN + ArmorMan 2

The DJI Ronin marks a generational leap in camera stabilization technology. Its custom sensors, powerful motors and advanced algorithms put world-class precision in your hands. Combine that with the new TiltaMax Armorman 2 exoskeleton and you can get extremely complex and steady shots all day long.



Contax Zeiss Superspeeds

This rare set of vintage lenses has been fully cine-modded, with de-clicked irises, long focus throws, and integrated focus gears, producing a beautifully filmic look that is difficult to achieve with other EF-mount lenses. Kit includes:

21mm t/2.8
35mm t/1.4
50mm t/1.4
85mm t/1.4
135mm t/2.8

DJI Phantom 4 Drone

The DJI Phantom 4 is the smartest flying camera DJI has ever created, with active obstacle avoidance, a completely redeveloped 4K camera, and a flight range of over 3 miles. This kit comes with 5 batteries, allowing for a total flight time of almost 2.5 hours.

FULL EQUIPMENT List available upon request